Sublimation Smartwatch Band 42-44mm

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  • 42-44mm- Fits the Apple Watch
  • Sublimation Blank 
  • Made of polyester leather.
  • Sublimation areas: .86” x 2.95” and .86” x 4.52”.
  • Time: 60 Seconds Temperature: 365° F (185° Celsius) Pressure: Light
  • Instructions for band construction.  Remove loop from band. Place pins in straps. Cover table of the press with a sheet of Teflon. Secure transfer to substrate. Place substrate face up, with transfer face down, on top of Teflon. Top with protective paper and press according to time, temp, and pressure above. Pull pin out of buckle strap and reinsert with tongue. Attach lugs and buckle to straps and pins ensuring that the lug side with the magnetic components are facing up. If sublimating loop, place paper in between sides.